Innovative forests for curbing climate change while integrating biodiversity, nutrient retention, and recreation

The synergies and tradeoffs between different ecosystem services are largely unknown and knowledge is scattered. Investors in afforestation, with limited prior knowledge on these combined ecosystem effects, are left with non-transparent pathways for decisions on afforestation.

Consequently, there is an eminent need for adequate knowledge and documentation about the contribution of carbon credits from afforestation. Therefore, it is essential that the contribution of carbon credits from afforestation are developed to be transparent, verifiable, and environmentally robust, requiring uniform and reproducible methods for documentation of impacts on carbon and other ecosystem services.


12.176.971 DKK

Funding from IFD: 8.422.163 DKK
Financing from project partners: 3.754.808 DKK

Project lead

Vivian Kvist Johannsen


The project will provide a systematic approach for innovative design, establishment, and documentation of ecosystem services from new forests and therefore in general increase the transparency and hence the willingness to invest in afforestation, for companies and individuals. The project will investigate the 4 ecosystem services in terms of provisioning, influence of site, time, and choices in establishment as well as development of integrated monitoring systems (over time and scale).

The project will provide transparent, credible and reportable indicators on the 4 ecosystem services and hence provide a basis for assigning accountable values to these services and thereby also to provide economic incentives to design and make afforestation providing a suite of ecosystem services.

  1. Provide the scientific foundation for species selection, impact assessment and selection of indicators.
  2. Establish new forests while implementing the documentation methods and developing the reporting tools.
  3. Provide insight and tools for a strategic important measure, the afforestation, to support the green transition, the CCUS.