The aim of CCUS-INFRASTRUCTURES is to investigate how national CO2 and carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) infrastructure are impacted and impacts different energy system transition pathways including impacts on the carbon balance and economic efficiency. The focus is on assessing the placement of the different CCUS infrastructures and investigate how synergies can be made with the surrounding energy system towards reaching carbon neutrality in 2045.

The project represents going beyond state of the art in current energy modelling scenarios, GIS mapping and assessment of CCUS infrastructure needed to support the transition towards carbon neutral and carbon negative societies. By presenting novel methodologies and analyses for mapping CO2 infrastructure in combination with the surrounding energy infrastructure, it is possible to propose ways of identifying the most cost efficient and optimal locations of CCUS infrastructure, while utilizing synergies with electricity grids, district heating grids, hydrogen grids and carbon sources to maximize economic. CCUS-INFRASTRUCTURES take point of departure in Denmark, investigating specific placement options in relation to energy system scenarios. The methodologies developed will be generalizable to other locations.


4.430.402 DKK

Funding from IFD: 3.231.958 DKK
Financing from project partners: 1.198.444 DKK

Project lead

Jakob Zinck Thellufsen


New INNO-CCUS Pool 2 project. Details will follow.

New INNO-CCUS Pool 2 project. Details will follow.