Last week, INNO-CCUS Partnership Director Karina Søgaard attended the Carbon Capture Canada conference in Alberta where she gave a speech on Danmark’s CCUS initiatives and their progress. The conference gathered more than 4,000 people from around the world and addressed a range of issues and opportunities surrounding carbon capture – from how to foster community engagement to the economics of CCUS.

Although the industry still has its work cut out, the conference showed that there is CCUS innovation and entrepreneurship happening across the world.

Canada has long been a CCUS forerunner, having opened the world’s first commercial-scale carbon capture power plant in 2014 and accounting for nearly one-tenth of the CO2 captured globally last year. Denmark can learn much from Canadian experiences, making the country ideal for bilateral collaboration.

The exchange of knowledge, ideas, and experiences is vital to accelerate CCUS development, bringing us closer to reaching climate targets.