Our second pool of funding opens in a few weeks and all projects within CCUS research and innovation, from TRL 3-7, are encouraged to apply.

Pool 2 contains up to 80 million DKK in funding and projects can apply for 3 million DKK – 10 million DKK. Project participants must be, or become partners in the INNO-CCUS partnership, which consists of 57 partners in the public/private CCUS space.

The application deadline will be late March 2022. All information will be available here on the website at the beginning of January. To gear up for the launch on pool 2, we’re hosting a conference on January 17th for prospective partners and innovators in the CCUS-space. Read more about the conference here: Accelerating the green transition through the MissionGreenFuels and INNO-CCUS partnerships » Energy Cluster Denmark