Workshop – biological CO2 capture and storage


Energy Cluster Denmark is hosting a series of workshops on behalf of INNO-CCUS to facilitate innovation and bring together actors in the CCUS field. The second workshop concerns biological CO2 capture and storage and will take place on 29 November 2023 in Copenhagen.

Participants in the workshop will deliberate and share insights on the various possibilities and challenges regarding biological CO2 capture and storage. By bringing together CCUS actors, the workshop aims to foster innovative project ideas, address potential barriers, and ultimately contribute to the maturation and readiness of key CCUS technologies. Additionally, the workshop serves as a mechanism to coordinate advancements in the field and leverage available funding opportunities, e.g., Pool 3 of INNO-CCUS, the Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program (EUDP), Innovation Fund Denmark, and the European Union (EU).


  • Introduction to funding possibilities 2024
    To kick off the workshops, participants are briefed on the various funding avenues available in the coming year, providing them with a clear understanding of the financial support that can be tapped into for upcoming projects.
  • Presentation of theme for the workshop
    The workshops will revolve around a central theme related to the CCUS domain. This theme is presented by experts, setting the stage for focused discussions and brainstorming sessions.
  • Discussion in group
    Participants are divided into groups, each focusing on a specific aspect or sub-topic related to the central theme.
  • Presentation of project ideas in plenum
    Following group discussions, each group presents their project ideas and findings to the entire workshop audience to secure the sharing of insights from different perspectives.
  • Next steps
    The workshops conclude with a discussion of the next steps in the project development and consortia formation process by outlining action plans, identifying potential partners, and discussing the timeline for project initiation.

The deadline for registration is November 15th, 2023.