The INNO-CCUS Partnership is established as a mean to secure a significant contribution to achieve the Danish government’s climate goals on CO2 reduction, through CCUS solutions.

We are a mission-driven public-private partnership, with the ambition to achieve a fundamental change in the way we view, value, and use carbon resources to enable a complete shift of the current system from fossil-based to biogenic carbon sources.

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Our vision is to create a CO2-neutral society.

We will contribute substantially to the Danish and global climate goals in 2030 and 2050 by developing and demonstrating sustainable CCUS solutions and value chains to benefit socio-economic development and the environment. ​

The Partnership will do this by:

  • Engage national and international partners from the entire CCUS value chain
  • Within the Partnership define high impact research and innovation needs in parallel with developing technology/solutions ​
  • Secure a dynamic partnership towards 2050 to include the strongest and most active partners continuously ​
  • Ensure the best pathway for demonstration realisation and implementation as technologies mature ​
  • Ensure dissemination of knowledge gained in the Partnership to the benefit of the global CCUS community ​

Key deliveries in the roadmap

  • Crucial contributions to the goal of 70% CO2-reduction by 2030, carbon neutrality by 2050, and long-term negative emissions beyond 2050, while still ensuring the necessary carbon supply to society. The technical potential in 2030 is up to 7-15 Mt CO2 captured per year in 2030 (50-80% of the emission gap to reach the 70% target) and in 2050 up to 6 ton CO2 can be captured and supplied to the production of green fuels and products.
  • Technologies, tools and pathways to limit emissions to the atmosphere in both short and long term by gradual, but fast, switching from the current fossil-based carbon supply to a green supply based on the atmosphere to deliver the carbon needed in the society, combining permanent storage and smart utilisation of carbon resources.
  • Multiple green pathways for carbon from the natural carbon cycle to enter the societal carbon use through a combination of large, small and scalable innovative solutions and the build-up of new technologies and companies with a significant national and international business potential.
  • Outlines and timelines of the research and development needed for the individual technologies, as well as the systems integration based on existing knowledge, Danish strongholds and strong partnerships between universities, technological service providers, large and small companies, and societal stakeholders.
  • Awareness and solutions to urgent societal readiness steps needed at the legal, regulating, economic and political level as well as externalities necessary to implement the changes without compromising key sustainability, environmental, biodiversity and human conditions. This includes an overall systemic view and collaboration with land aspects, as priorities of “land” for food, fibre, CCS, biodiversity etc. is likely going to become a constraint.

Our mission

INNO-CCUS is one of four mission-driven green research and innovation partnerships that will make a significant contribution to the green transformation of society and the development of sustainable climate technologies for the benefit of Denmark and the rest of the world. The four partnerships are supported by Innovation Fund Denmark.



  • Picture of Morten Stage
    Morten Stage
    Chairman of the Board
    Head of CCS and Technical Services, TotalEnergies Denmark
  • Picture of Erling Stenby
    Erling Stenby
    Vice-chairman of the Board
    Professor and Head of Department at DTU Chemistry
  • Picture of Bjørn Kofod
    Bjørn Kofod
    Board member
    Product Manager at Pentair Union Engineering
  • Picture of Jesper Ahrenfeldt
    Jesper Ahrenfeldt
    Board member
    Chief Engineer at Stiesdal SkyClean
  • Picture of Jesper Sand Damtoft
    Jesper Sand Damtoft
    Board member
    Group Sustainability and R&D Director at Aalborg Portland - Cementir Group
  • Picture of Mette Lind Fürstnow
    Mette Lind Fürstnow
    Board member
    Head of Innovation at Nature Energy
  • Picture of Andreas de Neergaard
    Andreas de Neergaard
    Board member
    Professor and Dean at People and Technology at Roskilde University
  • Picture of Erik Bisgaard Madsen
    Erik Bisgaard Madsen
    Board member
    Vice Dean at Science at the University of Copenhagen
  • Picture of Lars Nielsen
    Lars Nielsen
    Board member

    Deputy Director, Management at GEUS

  • Picture of Sune Dowler Nygaard
    Sune Dowler Nygaard
    Board member
    Executive Vice President at Danish Technological Institute


  • Picture of Karina Marie Søgaard
    Karina Marie Søgaard
    Partnership Director

    E-mail: kms@inno-ccus.com
    +45 93 51 03 01

  • Picture of Katrine Kjeldsholm Linke
    Katrine Kjeldsholm Linke
    Administrative coordinator

    E-mail: kkl@inno-ccus.com
    +45 93 51 14 83